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3D Movements

3D Movements is a global movement made up of leaders, church leaders and lay leaders from across the globe. God is moving in many tribes and in many different ways and we continue to work alongside these leaders to put discipleship and mission back in the hands of ordinary people. We work alongside and partner with many leaders and groups including Alan Hirsch, Hugh Halter, Caesar, Kalinowski, Verge, Exponential, Wheaton College, Northern Seminary, IF, Virginia Baptist, Spence Network and many, many more. 3D Movements has hubs in the Southeast, Southwest, Bay Area, CA, Fort Wayne and Minnesota led by Eric Pfeiffer, Bob Rognlien, Mike McCoy, Chris Norman and Per Nilsen, respectively. 3D Movements is also led in Europe by Rich Robinson and Keld Dahlman and in Brazil by Rogerio Olimpia. The European team lead out the work in Australia and; New Zealand with many great leaders from those countries. Church of God leaders currently involved in 3DM include Regional Pastor Lloyd Moritz (PNA) and Pastor Michael Guzman, Exeter, CA.

Cost: For information go to the 3DM web site.

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