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Hiring and Firing

Hiring and Keeping A Youth Worker

This manual is a free resource to help you in hiring and keeping a youth pastor. Step by step information is available to guide your team.

A Pastor Selection Process Model (PDF)

from the Ministerial Enrichment Office of the General Council of the Assemblies of God

When to Fire Your Pastor

Bible-based guidelines for deciding to fire a Pastor

Caring For Your Pastor

This site offers sound guidelines for how churches can care of their Pastors to ensure that they are able to serve them well. Strange source, but very adaptable and useful.

 Sample Hiring and Firing Templates

Confidentiality Agreement

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook Agreement

Employment Application

Firing Process

First Day Checklist

Formal Interview Form

Hiring Process 

Job Offer Letter

Prospective Employee Screening

Termination Agreement

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